Saturday, March 28, 2009

Game On, Gopher!

My "mystery rodent" saga continues. The hole in my front yard has not only reappeared, but it has increased in size. I asked the pest control people to come back because the previous treatment of kicking the dirt back in the hole didn't seem to deter my guest. My front yard is now equipped with a bait box and trap. The bait? Peanut butter. Who knew? Normally I would not advocate the trapping and killing of an animal, but when it comes to the foundation of my house being at risk I don't mess around. Call me a paranoid new homeowner - I don't care.

Let me get back to more important things, such as my inability to do well in a basketball pool. Normally I don't participate, but I was lured in by the potential prizes - 32" plasma TV, iPhone, gift cards, etc. I'm a sucker for prizes. Sadly, it appears as though it won't be necessary for me to rearrange my furniture to accommodate a new TV. I'm going to the UConn vs. Mizzou game this afternoon and for one day and one day only I will be a diehard Husky fan. I can pretend that it's somewhat like being a Husk-er fan. :)

I think I have made my way out of my little funk from the other day. My food choices have improved the past couple of days, but it wouldn't take much so I'm not going to pat myself on the back just yet.

I did sushi last night and it was wonderful! I don't eat sushi very often, which is strange because I enjoy it quite a bit. As usual, the food choices weren't too awful, but I'm pretty sure the 2 or 3 Sapporos (beer) weren't ideal. I need to take some pointers from my Mom, who does this incredibly genius thing and actually PLANS ahead so she can comfortably have an "adult beverage" without it completely undoing her hard work during the day/week.

As for getting my rear in's desperately needed for sure! I may go for a quick run. I haven't run since the half marathon back in January, so I need to keep my expectations in check. It may be a walk/run, but that's ok. The day is too beautiful to waste. Especially, when I have loved ones that are still dealing with rain and snow.


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  1. Yah!! Get out and enjoy the warm weather. Pity your poor Midwestern family members huddled in a warm corner of their log cabin. Brrrrrr!! Our gophers are all hybernating, I think.