Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Damn Wagon!

Boy, have I ever fallen off of the wagon. Not only have I not been active in the blogosphere as of late, but I haven't really been putting any effort into practicing healthy habits either. I suppose one leads to the other - if you don't have anything nice to write, don't write anything at all.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that my mother's Food Challenge was a bust. I wanted to cook more meals at home, really I did. Even with monetary incentives, which mean the world to me, I gave in. Oddly enough, the fast food trip that did me in was a trip to my favorite sandwich shop. It was only a turkey sandwich! I was actually on the phone with my mother as I was driving home from work and making the decision to go to Mr. Goodcents (the sandwich shop). She flat out asked me if the sandwich was worth the $100 that I was going to lose in the Food Challenge. I thought about it and then decided, yes, I wanted the sandwich more than I wanted the $100. That says a lot about how much I like their sandwiches, huh?

I'm fearful that my lack of commitment and overall apathy contributed to my mother's temporary funk. But I'm happy to say that I think we both have shown a bit of a resurgence in the dedication department - my mom more than me, but I'm trying.

I actually attended a Weight Watchers meeting a couple of weeks ago to check that out. Unfortunately, I don't think that kind of environment suits my personality. I was so proud of all of the strangers in the room, though. Good for them! For me, I have a hard time paying someone to tell me what to do when I already KNOW what I should be doing - I just choose not to do it all too often.

So this weekend I went grocery shopping and stocked up on all sorts of good stuff. I'm prepared to cook more often at home - it doesn't have to be as complicated as I make it out to be. My reward for being good during the week will be to enjoy football Saturdays without too much guilt. I'm also going to try to visit the gym more frequently - I went on Sunday and it felt good to be back.

I made it through Monday and Tuesday's off to a good start, so let's hope I don't do something stupid over the next few days! :)