Monday, April 13, 2009

A Good Effort

Let me start off by saying that I really did try to be good this weekend and for the most part I was. (I can't say that for past weeks/weekends.) I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I was completely successful - that would leave me without anything to complain about.

Sadly, my hike that I was looking forward to on Saturday did not happen due to rain most of the day. Yes, it does rain in the desert. Go ahead and check it out for yourself - I'm not lying. Now, if I was really as sad as I claim about not hiking on Saturday, then why didn't I go for a hike on Sunday? It was a beautiful day and I don't think I really needed to watch every single moment of the Masters.

Following is a brief recap of my weekend. It's more for me than anyone else. Maybe I'll notice a pattern or be embarrassed enough about something that I'll make some changes.

Friday - not a bad day, despite the blue jelly bean. Oh wait, that's not quite true. Because of Good Friday I stopped at McDonald's for a Filet 'O Fish sandwich. I did have them hold both the cheese and the tartar sauce. Yes, I'm weird. Yes, I understand that those omissions did not miraculously make my lunch "healthy". Dinner was a simple and small pasta dish.

Saturday - my friend and current roommate decided that we should run out for breakfast. That was a subtle suggestion that I should go out and pick up breakfast for the both of us. Normally, I would say do it yourself, but all of the sudden an Egg McMuffin from McD's sounded good. Yes, two trips to McD's in two days - I'm not proud of this. Again, I had them hold the cheese on the sandwhich which made it less evil and I also asked for bottled water instead of the OJ that comes with it. The OJ wasn't a sacrifice as I don't really like the stuff (same can be said for the cheese). I should have, however, done without the combo meal completely because I didn't need the hashbrown. The wheels fell off around dinner - not so much by the menu itself but by the quantity. What I made was truthfully meant to be two servings but I ended up eating the whole thing - chicken sausages with brown rice and a side of brussel sprouts (I don't like melted cheese, but I love brussel sprouts - I get weirder, don't I?). It should have ended there, but my sweet tooth drove me crazy and I ended up at Cold Stone Creamery. That icky feeling that I do so love followed soon after. When do the psychological cues kick in? Don't dogs, rats, monkeys, etc. eventually learn to stay away from things that cause them discomfort? I'm officially dumber than a lab rat. Great.

Sunday - not so bad. Healthy breakfast, snacks and lunch. I tried a new recipe for dinner - grilled pork tenderloin with tomatillo salsa. I must say that I managed to grill it to perfection (thanks Mom!) and it was delicioso! I ate it with a couple of corn tortillas to make them tacos and I was completely impressed with myself. Unfortunately, I found myself hungry again later in the evening. I ate the leftovers of my Cold Stone ice cream and called it quits for the day. I was extremely tired come 8:30ish. Pretty sure that means that sugar isn't good for me that late in the day.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I finally joined a gym again. I cancelled my old gym membership when I moved. I decided it was time to start up again. I'm making my first trip this evening. I have my gym bag packed and in the car waiting for me so I can go directly to the gym and then home. If I go home first I'm in trouble. I'll find a million excuses not to go.

Time to get back to work.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


  1. WOW!! And I was worried about 1 margarita!! Sounds like your grilling attempt was a delightful success. Take that as a positive and build on it. :)

  2. You grilled a tenderloin? Impressive!