Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Say No!

I had to summon my inner Nancy Reagan last night.

You see, I decided to join a friend of mine for a drink after work. I was chatting with my parents on the phone on my way to the sports bar and a certain someone mentioned to me that this friend might be a bad influence on me and my attempt at a healthier lifestyle. I didn't take kindly to the implication that I can't think for myself. To be honest, I can screw up and be a dum-dum on my own, thank you very much. (No, I'm not actually proud of that.)

It did get me thinking, however. I decided to make an honest effort at not throwing my fairly successful eating day away by blowing it on a few beers and a bunch of bar food. I spent 15-20 minutes looking at the menu trying to figure out how to minimize the damage. I opted for the 10" veggie pizza. My friend and I ended up splitting the pizza in half, so I only had 3 small pieces. I also limited myself to one beer. All in all, I was ok with my outing. It could have been much worse, trust me! A big thank you goes out to American Idol - I left the bar early to get home to watch the show and it may have prevented the temptation to eat or drink more.

My big concern was getting home and feeling hungry again. I hate the evening nibbles. I was good until my roommate went out to pick something up and came back with two ice cream cookie sandwiches. Yikes! He bought the 2nd one for me and asked me if I wanted it. I briefly thought about it and decided to go with what I learned as a little girl - "Just Say No!" Hey, ice cream cookie sandwiches might as well be drugs. Both are dangerous.

Cardio challenge note: I didn't get up early this morning like I did yesterday, but I'm hoping to get to the gym this evening. Congrats to V on her day - she isn't going to make this easy. :) Oh, one more thing - I don't think I said I would accept the pedometer for golf. That's four hours of "cardio". I said you could use the pedometer to report a walk in the neighborhood. Don't try to squeeze in your grocery store trips and golf rounds as minutes of cardio. Good try, little lady.


  1. Well, the "Little" lady part was nice. I went and got my pedometer battery so I'm all set for my grocery trips, my trips to the mailbox, trips to the laundry room, etc. AND, after adding my cardio times and yours, I'm not as far behind as I first thought. I'm so glad all those years of harping at you to "Just Say No" have finally paid off, although I had imagined that it would be the teenage temptation of drugs, not ice cream sandwiches.

  2. Good outing tactics - I find it so difficult. (and well done on the "no")

    Loving your exercise tournament - not sure who to put my money on yet, lol!

  3. I gave you the blogger award. Now you need to cut & paste the award onto your blog, choose 5 blogs to pass the award to, write a blurb about the blogs and leave their website address.

    AND, I really did do 31.8 min. on the bike this am. Who knew a trip to the bathroom would wipe out the readout. I didn't take that long, honest.