Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot Dog!

No, I didn't indulge in hot dogs this weekend. Although, I don't blame you for thinking that.

As it turns out my roommate's dog might be coming to live with me. For those of you that know me, I've always wanted a dog but have never had one. I've always lived vicariously through others. Between my dad not being fond of any pets when I was a child and me being reluctant to take on the expense and responsibility as an adult, I've never had the courage to get a dog. The prospect of my roommate's dog coming to live with me is the perfect scenario - she's a great dog, she's older and completely house trained, I'm not responsible for the daily chores that come with her and I'm not repsonsible for paying for her needs. I just get to play with her and take her for walks. Don't know for sure if it will happen or when, but I'm excited at the prospect. (Shhh, my brother's dog will always be my favorite. Shout out to Maxfli!) Oh, and we can have a contest to see who sheds more. I think it would be a close race.
On to other things from this weekend, which has been quite a busy and productive one. I started off my Saturday with an early trip to the downtown Phoenix farmer's market. I think my expectations were a little too high. It was ok, but definitely not worth the 30 minute trip (one way). I think I'll stick to the farmer's market a little closer to home from here on out.

After shopping, there was cleaning and yard work. I do NOT recommend doing yard work at 3pm in 105 degree heat. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, that's when my roommate and his uncle were available to help me trim my palo verde trees. May I just say that trimming those trees are a lot more complicated than I thought. Glad I had some expert help (the uncle, not the roommate). This should get my HOA off of my back - I received a "warning" about my tree hanging too far over the sidewalk. Well, unless Yao Ming walks down my sidewalk, I think I'm good to go. Never mind that I've yet to see anyone walk in front of my house. Stupid HOA.

After a few hours of yard work, we had people over for a barbecue and did grilled pizzas. This was the first time that I did it without parental supervision and it was a success. I even managed to grill some pineapple and mango for dessert - with vanilla ice cream, of course!

I've been busy today, too, but the only notable thing to share is my attempt at gardening again. I have this beautiful pot that is in my backyard. I've had it for many years and I've only attempted to grow things in it twice - both times my mother bought the plants and planted them for me. And...both times I have neglected to water them with any kind of regularity and both times I have killed all of the plants.

I'm stupid enough to give it another shot. I went to Lowe's, mostly because I haven't been in a while and I thought they might be worried about me, and purchased the heartiest, most drought resistent plants I could find.

No, I don't have a pot full of cacti, although I do have one but it's in another pot and even I haven't killed it off yet. This is how dumb I am when it comes to plants - my cactus started growing things that looked a lot like asparagus a few months ago and I was curious if that was normal. I opted not to cut them off and eat them, which was a good thing because a few weeks later they had bloomed with reddish like colors (similar to a yucca plant). Who knew? They didn't look so perky the other day so I cut them off.
I'm going to squeeze a trip in to the gym in a bit. Haven't been in a while so I need to get back on the wagon. Who the heck knows how far behind I am in the challenge. I'm better off not asking.
I now have two challenges - a cardio challenge and a gardening challenge. I can't fail at both, so something's gotta give. Let's hope I can pull a rabbit out of my hat and do well at both.

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  1. Quite an impressive little garden you've got going. You were just afraid I was going to reclaim the pot, weren't you?

    As for the cardio challenge, I've been very neglectful myself lately, chosing to concentrate on strentght training and stretching. I figured I was so far ahead I could afford to coast for a week. :0 Week 6 put you at a deficit, so currently you are 12.168 points (121.68 min.) behind. I guess if you're going to start up again, I'd better do the same.